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Canvas ideas time: animal art with your pet pictures

Looking for an original and creative canvas for your home? The answer is already in your home! Ever thought about using your favourite pet portraits or creating some animal wall art with your favourite animals? There are endless sources of animal pictures to make amazing DIY canvas wall art!

We’ve loved having images of animals in our homes ever since early humans created cave paintings of the animals they hunted almost 40,000 years ago, and ancient Egyptians depicted gods with animal heads 5000 years ago.

Animal art is perfect for some brilliant prints on canvas in a sophisticated home or a child’s favourite animal in their bedroom – that’s everywhere!

While you look below for DIY canvas art ideas, here are some facts about your favourite animals and pets…

Dog picture


Dogs were probably the first animals to be tamed by humans 10,000 years ago. According to some estimates, almost 40% of homes own at least 1 dog.






pet cat picture



Cats have a long relationship with humans from the ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago, they even mummified their cats, and mummified some mice with them for them to eat!





Horse picture




Most wild horses are descended from once-tamed animals that long ago escaped. The only species that is truly wild and has never been domesticated is the Przewalski’s horse, but sadly this horse now only exists in captivity as it has become extinct in the wild.






fish picture



Fish are a common pet but I think seahorses look great on canvas! Everybody knows that the male seahorses actually give birth, but did you know that seahorses are also monogamous and mate for life? Naww!






chicken picture




Lucky for us chickens aren’t very intelligent animals as there are 6 times as many chickens as people in the world. They do look good in kitchens!








owl picture



Owls are everywhere these days, on jewellery, bags, harry potter, and even cushions. But did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? Now you do!








Butterfly picture


Butterflies range in size from 1/8 of an inch up to a huge 12 inches, the fastest butterflies can travel at 37 miles an hour and there are about 24,000 different species!


So if you’re looking for inspiration for a DIY canvas photo use your favourite animal. There is a reason animal print keeps coming back into fashion, it looks good! Visit Photo Canvas to upload your canvas image and make your DIY canvas art and make your home totally unique!




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Valentine’s Day Canvas Prints For Him And Her

Valentine's Day canvas prints personalised with your favourite and most romantic snaps

Valentine’s Day Canvas Prints


For men:

It can be very difficult to ascertain exactly what needs to be done on Valentine’s Day. Is she expecting a full-blown party or something that costs a bomb? What does she really want? These are questions that all men grapple with when considering just the right choice of present for the one they love. However, Valentine’s Day canvas prints are the best solution – without question – because they have such longevity. Just imagine hanging up that beautiful image of you and her. Unlike some other generic gift ideas, this won’t be used and then thrown away within a couple of days or weeks. A canvas print is something to be treasured, hung up on the wall and cherished for many, many years to come. She will realise and appreciate this and you will have given her a beautiful home decor idea that will warm the cockles of her soul. Let your love flow with beutiful Valentine’s Day canvas prints!


Photo Canvas Prints? For Valentine’s Day? What A Unique Idea!


For women:

Buying Valentine’s Day gifts for guys is – how shall I put this? – excruciatingly difficult. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, simply because they can be so unclear at telling us exactly what they want. Whilst you could go for the dull and boring clothes, stationery, or sports gear, wouldn’t it be so much better to choose something that will actually last? If his bedroom is looking a bit dreary and bland, why not spice it up with a beautiful set of Valentine’s Day canvas prints? Make them romantic, make them fun, and make them creative! He will love the thought and care you will have put in to design them just for them, and you can customise your prints in any way you’d like to achieve the best possible effect. For example, why not transform your most precious photo into a stunning, black and white, stunning canvas that will give life to your walls and the atmosphere as a whole for many, many years to come.

be my valentine Valentine's Day canvas prints for him and her

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2012 London Jazz Festival

With the month of November in full swing, so begins the stir of the 2012 London Jazz Festival. The annually held music festival began last Friday, and will continue until Sunday the 18th. The festival is famous for showcasing a stimulating mix of talented jazz musicians from around the globe performing  at over 300 events in over 50 different venues in Camden. The venues range from huge concert halls to smaller, more intimate bars, allowing for the perfect setting for all different types of music lovers. Big acts such as Herbie Hancock, Sony Rollins, Kurt Ellin, and Esperanza Spalding will be performing, as well as new, emerging artists from around the world

To get more information about the festival, check out its homepage at http://www.londonjazzfestival.org.uk/.

Here is a little preview:

The festival really has our creative juices flowing here at Photo-Canvas. For all the jazz fans out there interested in, or lucky enough to be attending the festival, put your camera skills to work and put the music on pause: use the festival as an opportunity to create awesome posters for yourself, or as a gift for friends and family members who are crazy for jazz. At http://www.photo-canvas.com/, you can print photos from the festival on different canvases to create awesome posters for yourself, or to give as a gift for friends and family who are crazy about jazz! Take advantage of this opportunity and check out the festival!

Herbie Hancock, London Jazz Festival 2012


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4 Tips for Photographing Water

How to Take Fantastic Photos of Water

Water is essential to life – it makes up the majority of our bodies and our planet.  Water also has strong romantic connotations, the seaside is perfect for couples on holiday, secluded lakes have an air of mystery, and waterfalls are downright magical.  To help you capture the other worldliness of water in your photos, Photo-canvas.com has a few tips to help you make the most of your shots.


photographing water tip

To achieve this “time has stood still” look you will need a tripod for your camera plus a release cable or remote control.  Choose the multi shot mode to take a sequence of images one after the other.  To get the details and lighting correct, use a macro lens and make sure the shot has plenty of light.


freezing water photo

Use a fairly fast shutter speed and/or flash to freeze the action.  Also be sure to have a tripod and the multi shot mode selected.


how to photo water reflections

Be sure to locate the details you would like to feature – reflections of trees, light, or buildings.  DO NOT USE FLASH – this will leave a hot spot in the water.  Use a polarizing filter to reduce sun glare, and choose a reasonable shutter speed so there is not blurring – especially if the water is moving a little; although water reflection shots work best with calm water.


how to snap waterfalls

First off, use a long shutter speed to achieve the soft water flow effect.  You will need to experiment to find the perfect timing, but starting from 2 seconds usually works well.  Place your camera on a tripod, and do not use any flash.  Selecting a shallow depth of field (f/16) will help the image look sharp.

GOOD LUCK and be sure to visit photo-canvas.com to have your best shots printed!



Content adapted from Proud Photography


flickr.com/photos/dev07/2963134371; flickr.com/photos/agder/2326545882;l flickr.com/photos/47042618@N06/6797753921 & flickr.com/photos/hamed/462658709

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Put Your Kids Artwork Onto Canvas Prints

Canvas Art For Children

One of the most beautiful aspects of high quality canvas printing is that absolutely anything can be printed. Whilst the classic canvas would most probably involve pictures of landscapes or horizons, in truth some of the most stunning images that are converted onto the woven material are drawn by hand.

If you have young children who love nothing more than painting their own artwork or using hand and footprints to create their own design, why not gather up a selection of these drawings and transform them into a beautiful canvas print?

kids artwork on canvas personalised with your photos

Canvas Prints For Kids

You could even make a day of it! Suggest to your kids that they might like to have a crafty, creative day of fun using their favourite colours and get a bit messy with handprints and footprints. Simply give them a range of paints to play with, and they will love to come up with some cool ideas using their own bodies.

You could join in too to create a family artwork that would give a touch of vibrancy to any wall.  Displaying your kids artwork on canvas would inspire them and make them realise that their creativity doesn’t just have to go to waste – their drawings can dramatically enhance the mood and feel of a room.

kids drawings on canvas prints personalised

Kids Canvas Art

Just picture your lounge right now, and then spice up your vision with a colourful, vivid print of your children’s favourite character that they have drawn with their best crayons. Canvas art prints that are as creative and inventive as these would make beautiful Christmas gifts for children.

If you’re a parent, how about getting one for your children as a special item for the festive season? However, these would also make a lovely idea for a present from a grandma, godparent, or uncle and auntie.  Children’s minds are absolutely amazing and their imaginative ideas should be harnessed and used to improve your home decor. And the best part is that this technique is astoundingly easy to do!

put your kids artwork on canvas prints

Quality Canvas Prints

Kids love to get creative and art and crafts are some of the best ways of getting them active and getting their brains working hard. Use the fun of your craft session and let that translate onto the atmosphere of your home interior designs. You won’t regret it!

Getting your kids artwork on canvas is so simple but all your friends and family – when they come to visit you – will go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ and will compliment your children on their fantastic designs. Home decor ideas don’t need to be conservative and dull: use the extensive palate of colours contained within your children’s designs and brighten up your home!

2nd image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreweick/2205519597/sizes/l/
3rd image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theblackcanvas/2945878325/sizes/l/


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Newborn Photos On Canvas

Newborn Photo Canvas Prints


When a newborn baby enters into a family, it is an exceptionally special moment for all involved. If you were lucky enough to take a breathtaking photo of the beautiful boy or girl, why not display that stunning image where it can be seen and admired? Give it pride of place in your home – perhaps in the living room, dining room, or bedroom – and instantly transform your home decor. Newborn photos on canvas work brilliantly because they celebrate life, and the happiness and joy that radiate from these photos are absolutely perfect as they liven up an atmosphere. The mood created in a room is soft and mellow because the newborn photo canvas prints combine professionalism, artistic design, and sentimental value in a potent and impressive manner.

newborn photos on canvas of baby lying in sheets

Baby Photos On Canvas


When your very own photos are printed onto canvas, the result is astounding and almost indescribable because it means so much to us. You could even place your photo into black and white for free using our preview tool, which would provide a chic and sleek finish to the printed picture. Baby photos on canvas would make a beautiful gift for a couple who have recently had a new bundle of joy, because they will have this photo as a tangible reminder of the beautiful moment they never want to forget. Also, when their child grows up, they will still retain this beautiful canvas print that you have designed for them as a fabulous home interior addition.

newborn photos on canvas customised with your own designs

 Tips For Taking Newborn Photos For Canvas Printing


1. Get your positioning right.

Babies, especially newborn ones, often don’t do much apart from sleep! Whilst this is perhaps the cutest position that you will find them in, you may well have to manoeuvre their bodies a little bit just so that you can get the perfect shot. This does not have to be drastic, as a slight movement may may all the difference to the power of your finished photos. Unlike children and adults, they cannot ‘pose’, so you will, in effect, have to ‘pose’ them yourself.

2. But don’t force a pose.

However, don’t try to force a pose too strongly; some babies will become distressed so use your common sense to perceive when you might have to try something else.

3. Don’t be afraid to take loads of photos!

Whilst the ‘scattergun’ approach may not appeal to many, the chances are that if you take a wide range of photos you will probably have at least one that is absolutely perfect. However, make sure that you try taking shots from different angles and different perspectives. Some close-up, some further away. You may like to try some bird’s-eye-view pictures as well, and some horizontal pictures that will depict the baby lying at eye level.

4. Don’t delay!

This is perhaps one of the most important tips, because it is essential that you take your newborn photos for printing onto canvas within the first 14 days of a baby’s life. After this, they will become more restless and less likely to curl up into those adorable newborn positions that we know and love!

5. Keep the baby warm during shooting

Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive to wrap the baby up in many cloths to keep him or her warm, in actual fact this is incredibly important as the baby will be uncomfortable if not given the right protection of warmth. Newborn babies can have difficulties in regulating their own body temperature, so make the baby feel secure and at ease and your photos will reap the benefits :).

image 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64844553@N07/5905028679/sizes/l/
image 2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luisbg/2141749174/sizes/l/

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What Kind Of Canvas Print Is Right For Me?

canvas prints with different pop art effects

How To Choose Your Canvas Prints


One of the hardest things to decide when considering the photo on canvas technique is which effect to go for. Some people prefer the regular canvas prints which, despite being called regular, lack nothing when it comes to vibrancy and quality of photographic reproduction. Having that precious photo printed (with a first rate dye sublimation process) onto 500 gsm woven canvas is a very special idea that really makes the most of your favourite snaps.

high quality canvas prints of a baby and a llama

There’s nothing wrong with the regular! A photo canvas print is a magnificent way of using your very own pictures for an enormous visual impact. Our dedicated team of designers will even work with any special requests you might have. For example, if you’d prefer for us to re-touch or sharpen your photos, we can do this. You could use your holiday photos, perhaps a wedding photo or even a beautiful shot from your son’s first birthday party. If your interests lie in the classic, the clean, and the chic, the standard photo canvas print (standard but nonetheless great quality).

Warhol Pop Art Photos On Canvas


However, if you are looking to spice up your photos with a cool style, there is a wide variety of options to give your images an extra personalised touch. Our photo canvases come in a wide range of effects, forms, and sizes, all of which make perfect decoration ideas for your home. Why not try out our Warhol Pop Art style in order to give a bit of artistic and creative sparkle to your favourite space? If there’s a part of the wall that looks a little drab and dreary, Pop Art canvas prints could really fit the bill. These dynamic canvas prints work beautifully for people who are artistic, sporty, active, energetic, and like something a little whacky!

Warhol pop art canvas print of a girl wearing funny sunglasses

Your Photo On Banksy Canvas


If, like a lot of people, street art has always caught your eye for its daring and radical approach to art, the Pop Art Banksy style is perhaps the perfect technique to choose. For those who don’t know what a Banksy canvas print constitutes, the answer is very hard to pin down because there are so many different options to customise! In effect, you can select your favourite photo and send it to our team of designers.

Popular Photo Canvas Prints Banksy of a beautiful and sweet little puppy

They will then convert it into a fabulous Banksy canvas print – as if your photo were painted in graffiti onto the ‘wall’ of the image. Have street art displayed in your very own home! We transform an object that is viewed time and again each day, inanimate on the wall, into a fantastic work of art that will captivate and inspire any observer.

Banksy, an artist whose origin is still up in the air and whose radically political statements in art have caused altercations with officials, is believed to have been born in London – although some swear he is Norwegian. His work evokes rebellion against authority and the establishment, and he has therefore been imitated and emulated countless times by gangs of young men and women with artistic and creative interests, whose youthful energy urges them on and enables them to learn much from this interesting individual.


What Does My Canvas Print Say About Me?


Many canvas printers will give you the opportunity to print one of Banksy’s works onto your own canvas, but we go one step further. Your very own photo printed as a Banksy canvas – how cool is that? You will receive a proof of our designers’ ideas for your photo, and you can ask them to change certain elements via email or phone so that your canvas is the very best possible gift or home decor idea! Banksy canvas prints are absolutely brilliant for people who love to get out and about in the city and who love to admire a special painting that catches their eye. If you are the type of person who, whilst walking past a gallery or past someone’s home, is prone to suddenly get taken aback by a particular work of art (it makes you stop and think and observe the work for a second time), then the Banksy canvas print technique might just be the perfect one for you. However, if you are someone who likes to multi-task, and who likes a dynamic visual impression that is both creative and extremely arresting when displayed on the wall, you might like to try our photo montage canvas prints. Either choose from 3 designer montage styles or design your very own online with our easy-to-use preview tool!


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Free Online Image Editing

How To Edit Your Photos Online

Most photographs require editing.  It may be sad, but it is true.  It is a rare thing to have lighting, composition, and contrast perfect first time for an amateur photographer.  As stated in a previous post, image editing software, like Adobe, is quite expensive and labour intensive.  And while we offer basic image editing for our customer’s, sometimes a photo needs a bit more work done to it.  The suggested solution?  How about trying the free online image editing site pixlr.com?

Pixlr offers many of the same functions as Adobe products, but with the added benefit of being free to use and more technically accessible.  The site is perfect for images that need cropping, colour level alterations, or adjusting lighting/contrast.  It is less through in its capabilities than Adobe programs, but it is also less complicated to use.

The site also offers Instagram like editing features, called Pixlr-o-matic.  Brilliant for those who don’t want to share your personal photos online in order to achieve vintage lighting effects.  The program offers borders, overlay, and lighting filters to create a photograph with more impact and attitude.

Just look at what I did to this basic photo of Italian gelato….

pixlr edit ice cream

What do you think?

image source: thebeehivegrill.com

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Images of London

Images of London vintage canvas, Station Road Kensal RiseThe Beauty of London

London. One of the most beautiful and culturally diverse cities in the world. Whether you live in central London, in the English countryside, or half way across the world, you cannot deny the unique brilliance of this magnificent city. If you enjoy travelling, sight-seeing, and exploring the nooks and crannies of this city drenched in historical significance, then the Images of London gallery on Photo-Canvas.com is the perfect place to purchase, or simply be inspired by London’s beauty.

Images of London historical rushmere-wimbledon-common


Oh the sights you will see…

Wherever you live or visit or move, you are guaranteed to find your London town within our photos and prints of London gallery. Whether you lived or visited Battersea or Chelsea, Bloomsbury or Brondesbury, (or “be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray”,) you will find numerous vintage and modern images, all in the most artistic and professional format in our photos and prints of London gallery. Nearly every tube stop, every landmark, every worthwhile passage is represented in our images of London. So whether you are giving London as a gift to your friend, your family member, or to your drawing room wall, thenconsider purchasing a prestine rendition of that favourite London borough from Photo-Canvas.com. Another fancy aspect of our vintage photos and prints of London is the option to print a caption with the place and date stamp in a subtle corner of your photo canvas. With seven entire webpages full of London albums, and dozens of images among the next tier, your desire for gorgeous vintage photos and prints of London will not go unsatisfied. So take a moment and browse our London gallery; you may just find your favourite sight from one hundred years ago frozen in time waiting to be printed and admired, especially from your wall.

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Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

black and white multi panel canvas for Christmas gifts for grandparentsTake your grandparents back in time with Canvas Pictures this Christmas

When it comes to Christmas gifts, grandma and grandpa are probably the hardest people to shop for. Why? Because they say they don’t want anything except to see your smiling face. Well this holiday season we want to make their faces smile with our canvas picture Christmas gifts for grandparents. Depending on your grandparents’ style, use your creativity to design the best canvas print for your grandparents this Christmas! We print canvas picture Christmas gifts for grandparents in a wide range of sizes and styles. Whether you are printing vintage photographs or digital images on canvas, we can transform any image into a colourful panoramic, work a vintage effect, split your image into a multi panel canvas print (triptych and 4 way), rearrange images into photo collage, shrink your photos down into a series of mini canvas prints, and much more! Whatever your grandparents’ preferences — or rather, however much wall space they have to cover — canvas pictures make the most darling Christmas gifts for grandparents.

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