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Best Pet Photography Ideas for Wall Art

pet photography ideas

When I grew up, my family owned a house pig. The pig grew so intelligent it could open door handles and even sit on command like a dog. While you may not own a pig, there are useful lessons to take away for pet photography ideas, whether for yourself, others, or even to sell.

The pig was a terrific model for photography. She happily enjoyed wearing hats, sunglasses and always had a cute piggy smile. With such a natural talent, it was not difficult to create fantastic pet photography. However, below we have listed pet photography ideas to bring out the star in your pet, no matter what they are!

Pet Photography Ideas

Let’s get this pawsome article going with our top ideas for pet photography. With these suggestions you can create a celebrity in your home!

1. Pet Selfie

pet photography ideas

Long before the term ‘selfie’ was introduced, people were using passport photo booths to create pictures with their best friends. Why not create a similar ‘selfie’ using your favourite pet? It may take a few attempts to capture the pet looking at the camera or in an interesting pose, however, the result is great for wall art prints. You can even use our wall art maker to upload your photo including text!

2. Happy Pets

pet photography wall art

Nothing warms the heart like seeing a playful happy dog or snuggly smiling cat. In fact, happy pets in general are great photos. Try and catch your pet in a moment of happiness and capture it forever on a wall canvas.

3. Model Pet

pet photography wall art

If you have access to a photography backdrop you can take some professional looking model photographs of your pets. If you don’t have a backdrop you can use a white wall or even a draped bed sheet for a similar effect. Creating a backdrop puts your pet in focus and makes them the star of the pic!

4. Pet Friends

pet photos for home

If you have different types of pets (and presuming they get along) another great suggestion for pet photography is to put them together. Cats and dogs are renowned enemies so if you can show their loving side it makes a great photo. In fact, the more peculiar the combination the better! Please do not force animals together if it frightens or dangers them.

5. The Action Shot

pet pictures for home

For great pet photography, you can always capture your pet in movement! Snap a dog in full run, a cat jumping, a rabbit rolling and you’re guaranteed a great photo for your pet!

One you have taken the perfect snap, check out our range of wall canvases to upload your photos. We make all our wall art in the UK! Most importantly, give your pet a hug from us!

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