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This new business model has taken the world by storm lately, but what is drop-shipping exactly? How does it work, and what makes it different from types of reselling that came before it? We’ve taken a more in-depth look at the way it works so that you can decide for yourself if you want to get on board the latest hype train.

What is Drop-Shipping?

This whole new way of selling allows people like you and me to start our own business with little to no initial outlay, except for your time. It allows the little guy with big ideas to get up and running without loans, savings or a whole bunch of storage space.

How Does it Work?

Drop-shipping turns things on their head. Gone are the days of designing your product, ordering huge quantities and then selling them on. This modern-day business model allows you to design your fantastic products and then wait until the orders are rolling in before you actually make any purchases.

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How Does My Customer Get Their Order Without Delays?

We can see where the confusion could come from on this one. If you’re already getting orders before you have the goods, then how are there not huge delays caused? Well, drop-shipping cuts out the middleman entirely. When a customer places an order with you, the drop-ship supplier starts creating that order. They then send this directly to your customer, so that you don’t have to wait for it and then send it on. Pretty clever, huh?

It’s an Extremely Low Risk Business Solution

Part of what makes this model so attainable is that it’s a very low risk alternative. There’s no need to order thousands upon thousands of pieces permanently crossing your fingers and hoping that they’ll sell. You can introduce new lines without having to stock up first. If it doesn’t go as well as you had hoped, then you haven’t really lost anything.

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It’s very easy to set up and get started

All you need to get up and running is a photo-canvas drop-shipping account and a Shopify store. You can connect the two in just three simple steps and start drop-shipping your canvases and photo gifts straight away. For more information on how to do that check out this post.

You can make money as an artist

You can create fantastic artwork, design your own canvases and actually start making money with it. Thanks to the way that drop-shipping works, you’ll start making profit from your very first order. As there is no huge cost at the beginning to stock-up, you don’t need to wait until you’ve made that back to start seeing gains.

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Why choose Photo-Canvas for your drop-shipping?

There are so many great reasons to start your drop-shipping with that extend so much further than how simple we have made it.

There are minimal risks

With no need to buy stock upfront, you’ll never run into an excess inventory problem. You can change your offering without having to bulk buy and take huge risks

It’s super flexible

You can sell from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, from at home on your sofa to the local coffee shop with a nice warm cuppa. You can also sell to anywhere, as we ship worldwide

Shipping is a breeze

We deal with everything for you so that you don’t need to worry about forwarding your stock on. With each product being sent from A to B without taking a diversion via you at C, there is much less chance that something’ll go wrong

You have unlimited inventory

You can create new products, test the waters and create multiple amazing designs without having to stock up on each line. Everything is made on demand for you, to order, so we’re not relying on a warehouse full of your products either

You can save a bunch of time

As we handle both the production and the shipping, you don’t need to worry about sorting your products so that they are easy to locate later, no picking and packing every order – you won’t even need to buy packing materials. By cutting out the middleman, you save time and money

In summary – The benefits of drop-shipping

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Want to get started now you know what drop-shipping is?

We can’t fault you, to be honest. If you want to get started, then simply fill out our simple drop-shipping sign up form to create your very own Photo Canvas drop-shipper account.