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If you’re looking to mix up your child’s education with some fun wall art, you’ve come to the right place! Not only have we written below some amazing educational wall art ideas for kids, we also produce wall art, handmade at our home in London!

Firstly, what’s the benefit of educational wall art? Firstly, a child is always learning. They are making sense of the world around them by quickly processing thousands of bits of information. In fact, more learning happens at home than at school. While this includes mannerisms and habits, this also includes books, ideas and discussion. By placing strategic educational wall art around your home, your child’s curiosity and knowledge will continue to grow.

Educational Wall Art for School

So now that we know the benefit of educational wall art, it’s time to look at what wall art to use and what to put on them! Luckily, educational wall art is one of our top sellers and looking over our prints we’ve come up with some suggestions to help you and your child.

1. Wallpaper of the World!

Our wallpaper can be customised in any way that suits you. Why not dedicate a portion of your home to an educational map of the world? You can name a country (or even harder, a city!) and your child has to point to it on the map. You can even get a world quiz online and ask questions. A map of the world on wallpaper is a great way to inspire your child to learn, and who knows they may become an explorer themselves!

educational wall art ideas for kids

2. Alphabet Animals

Combine the alphabet with amazing animals with an alphabet animal canvas. Find, download or create an alphabet with animals for each letter, for example, A for antelope, B for bison… This can be a fun way to learn the alphabet, or to learn different animals. Our canvases can be customised with your own pictures and images and come in all sizes.

3. A Galactic Explorer

For an astronomically good idea, why not add a poster to your child’s ceiling or wall of the planets and universe? Your child will marvel at the wonders of the cosmos while learning at the same time. You can add images to our posters here (and even add your own text to make it super special).

Galactic space Explorer poster

By creating educational wall art in your home you help inspire a culture of learning for your child. Let their wonder run wild with our educational wall art ideas. Check out our website for more wall art ideas, all handmade in the UK and customisable to your designs.

Photo Ideas

Whether you’re happily designing the bedroom for the first time, or praying that a change in wallpaper will help them sleep better, we have a fantastic selection of bedroom wallpaper ideas that both you and your kids will love.

Wallpaper Ideas for The Bedroom

What are the important themes that bedroom wallpaper ideas should check off? Well, a bedroom needs to maintain a sleepiness. It doesn’t want to be too startling or energetic. It also needs to be positive, making your child feel good when they sleep and when they wake up. You can go one better and even make it inspiring or educational! We’ve come up with a list below.

Why should you create your own wallpaper? Whether you want to add an image you’ve seen online, or use your own custom drawings and artwork, creating your own wallpaper with Photo Canvas gives you the options of truly personalising the wallpaper. You can even add text to include a special message for your little hero.

Let the Child Design

Here’s a great suggestion we’ve not encountered before. Why not ask your child how they want their bedroom wallpaper. Give them some paints and colouring pens and let them go wild! Simply scan or take a photo of the artwork and add it to our customisable wallpaper. Now they can feel accomplished that they have created the artwork, and will enjoy sleeping and spending more time in the room once it’s to their liking.

The Star of the Story

Why not upload artwork that includes the child on the paper? If you have an artistic talent, similar to the above you can create your own wallpaper featuring your child. Have your child riding an elephant, or atop of the Eiffel Tower, whatever you choose, by including your child they will feel inspired and excited. Upload your designs to our customisable wallpaper once you are done!


Why not ignite your child’s curiosity with astronomy related wallpaper? Have pictures of the planets and introduce your child to the milky way. This serves the purpose of being inspiring and educational. You can download astronomy related images and upload to our customisable wallpaper. Other ideas that are educational can also include dinosaurs, marine life, and even the alphabet!

wallpaper bedroom Stargazing

Get creative and enjoy the benefits! Your kid will happily get ready for bed and may even go on to become an astronaut! For more bedroom wallpaper, wall art and decoration ideas, visit our website. Good luck!

Photo Ideas

canvas material

If you’re looking to print on canvas, be it for yourself, your home, a gift or even to sell, there is still the question of material. You’ve taken your photograph, you’ve got your image, and now you need the right canvas, because true enough they all bring unique qualities to your print and tones.

Which canvas material is right for you?

When choosing the canvas material, there are certain factors to weigh in to your decision. What is the style of your piece? If you have a bright style with colours that pop, you may want to choose a different material than if you enjoy neutral tones. What is the overall aesthetic? Are you looking for a rustic, organic or handmade approach? Let’s look at the top canvas materials to decide which one is right for you.

Classic Canvas

Our classic canvas option comes in a 300gsm woven canvas. A 100% poly fabric, this option is stronger and more durable-over-time than its cotton counterpart. Due to the neutral colour and our reactive printing process, we are able to infuse the fabric with ink for a brighter and longer lasting design. The material has a grain to it which gives your prints a gallery feel. The canvas utilises a wooden frame which we handmake in our London facility. This option is great for bright prints and a lightweight durable canvas.

Check out our canvas prints here.

Wooden Prints

canvas materials properties

Made from fine birch plywood, our wooden prints provide a truly authentic and homemade look. One particular highlight of this canvas material is that the grain remains visible, giving your print an organic and rustic appearance. Another benefit of wooden prints is that they can be hung or freestanding, perfect for placing on a shelf or mantlepiece. The print is not as bright but offers a detailed and vintage look which incorporates the natural ridges of the wood into its charm.

Check out our wooden prints here.

Glass Prints

photo canvas material

These gorgeous glass prints are made with toughened glass, a high quality and durable glass with a much higher break allowance. Unlike some cheaper alternatives that places printed laminate paper behind the glass, we print directly onto the glass. This gives a high quality print that retains the gloss and shine of glass. While it does not come in as many size options as the others, it can be an exquisite piece for any home.

Check out our glass prints here.

Aluminium Prints

Our aluminium print option has some amazing benefits. The aluminium has a satin finish which is UV and scratch resistant to prolong the life of your photo. It is easy to wipe clean and is printed with high quality reactive printing that chemically bonds the ink to the metal. Your aluminium prints are able to be shadow mounted, sitting slightly away from the wall for a floating effect.

Check out our aluminium prints here.

Now that you have seen the properties of our canvas material, head over to our website and try them out with your photography!

Photo Ideas

pet photography ideas

When I grew up, my family owned a house pig. The pig grew so intelligent it could open door handles and even sit on command like a dog. While you may not own a pig, there are useful lessons to take away for pet photography ideas, whether for yourself, others, or even to sell.

The pig was a terrific model for photography. She happily enjoyed wearing hats, sunglasses and always had a cute piggy smile. With such a natural talent, it was not difficult to create fantastic pet photography. However, below we have listed pet photography ideas to bring out the star in your pet, no matter what they are!

Pet Photography Ideas

Let’s get this pawsome article going with our top ideas for pet photography. With these suggestions you can create a celebrity in your home!

1. Pet Selfie

pet photography ideas

Long before the term ‘selfie’ was introduced, people were using passport photo booths to create pictures with their best friends. Why not create a similar ‘selfie’ using your favourite pet? It may take a few attempts to capture the pet looking at the camera or in an interesting pose, however, the result is great for wall art prints. You can even use our wall art maker to upload your photo including text!

2. Happy Pets

pet photography wall art

Nothing warms the heart like seeing a playful happy dog or snuggly smiling cat. In fact, happy pets in general are great photos. Try and catch your pet in a moment of happiness and capture it forever on a wall canvas.

3. Model Pet

pet photography wall art

If you have access to a photography backdrop you can take some professional looking model photographs of your pets. If you don’t have a backdrop you can use a white wall or even a draped bed sheet for a similar effect. Creating a backdrop puts your pet in focus and makes them the star of the pic!

4. Pet Friends

pet photos for home

If you have different types of pets (and presuming they get along) another great suggestion for pet photography is to put them together. Cats and dogs are renowned enemies so if you can show their loving side it makes a great photo. In fact, the more peculiar the combination the better! Please do not force animals together if it frightens or dangers them.

5. The Action Shot

pet pictures for home

For great pet photography, you can always capture your pet in movement! Snap a dog in full run, a cat jumping, a rabbit rolling and you’re guaranteed a great photo for your pet!

One you have taken the perfect snap, check out our range of wall canvases to upload your photos. We make all our wall art in the UK! Most importantly, give your pet a hug from us!

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dropshipping tips

If you have started dropshipping with Photo Canvas, or you are a prospectus dropshipper doing some research, it’s important to know that while you can potentially make money in your sleep, there will be work involved at first. Dropshipping gives you the opportunity to open a shop without manufacturing costs, rental costs, employment costs, and even shipping and legal costs. However, there is one part of this that does come down to you. Sales.

For a beginner, this can be daunting. How can I make sales? Luckily, we’ve got some dropshipping tips to help you win big on your sales, even as a beginner.

Dropshipping Tips

drop shipping tips

Using the information below you will be ready to reel in the customers. So let’s look at the top dropshipping tips to make sales.

Organic Sales

These are the best type of sales, because they happen automatically. An example of an organic sale is someone finding your shop on Google and purchasing your products. Here, you could have been sleeping, and you’ve made money. In order to get organic sales you need to be indexed on Google. This is simple enough for dropshippers on Photo Canvas: Once you have completed enough product descriptions that get a ‘green’ signal, you get automatically indexed.

Once you’re indexed on Google, you need to be visible, this means ranking in the higher pages through a process called SEO (search engine optimisation). In order to rank, fill your store description, product titles and product descriptions with a primary keyword or phrase that people would type into Google to find you. An example is: Silk pyjamas with flowers. Make sure this is included in the title and description (without spamming!) Your page is now optimised for organic sales.

Social Media

Make use of social media! It’s free marketing. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, even LinkedIn to announce to the world you are the new brand in town. Create your store and shout about it from the rooftops. To make a better impact, add photos or even videos when you market your brand, use relevant hashtags, and always entice people to click with a win for them. For example…

An Offer Too Good to Refuse

There lots of ways you can do this. Add a discount (better yet, add a time limit or day it ends to give urgency) and make it seem like the customer is winning. Of course, we know they are. But at this stage there’s lot of brands fighting for people’s attention; you need to grab them with a win. You can also do competition prizes, appetizes, or comparisons, and remember, write from the perspective of what the customer values and gains, not what you get from it.

Don’t be shy to get your amazing brand out there! If you do this part well, the profits will follow. For the photographers out there, click here to start dropshipping with Photo Canvas today. Good luck!

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what is drop shipping

What is drop shipping? Is dropshipping dead? If you’ve heard of this magic money maker and are curious to learn more, read on! We are a dropshipping provider with all the stats, metrics and experience to answer your questions. Let’s jump in.

What is Drop Shipping?

In its simplest definition, drop shipping is where you sell products to customers without owning the stock. This means that a 3rd party manufactures the products, ships the product and even takes care of the legal requirements while you take care of the sales. You get a commission, for example 20-40% (if you become a Photo Canvas dropshipper), of the total sale.

Our dropshippers create an online shop (don’t worry it’s easy!) edit our custom products with their own photography or designs, and sell them for profit!

Is Dropshipping Dead?

This is an easy one. No! Dropshipping is not a bubble that is going to burst, in fact, it is a better time than ever to start. This is due to many factors. The e-commerce industry (internet shopping) is booming and the charts keeps going up as the internet takes over retail (street) shopping. Dropshipping has also never been easier to set up, whereas before you had to email providers and even apply to dropship, now you can start dropshipping immediately and for free.

Is Dropshipping Profitable?

This one depends on you! What we can say is that dropshipping has the potential to be extremely profitable. However, this depends on certain factors. Mainly, are you putting work into great product descriptions that sell? Are you using social media and other strategies to promote your shop? Dropshipping provides you with a shop without being the manufacturer or even the shipper, however, you still need to put effort into your marketing. Simply, those who put in the work get the biggest profits.

We don’t need to believe now is the best time to start dropshipping, we have the statistics and metrics to back it up, and they all point to our dropshippers earning more now than ever!

Click here to get started dropshipping with Photo Canvas today.

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sell photo prints online

If you know you can sell photography prints online, you are already way ahead of the market. Most photographers stay at hobby level, or dabble in stock photos or weddings, very few realise you can sell your prints online as a regular income stream. The question is how to sell photography prints online? Any why should you?

Well, both the how and the why are easy to answer. Let’s start with the why. Photography is generally a side-gig. It can be difficult to maintain revenue from it, especially, (in regard to the pandemic) when the world shuts shop. No weddings, no models, and sometimes, no outdoors. Selling your photography prints online can provide you with a recurring and even stable source of income.

How to Sell Photography Prints Online

Once you have a collection of high quality, high definition photos, it is time to take it to the next level. Happily, there are systems already in place to make it easier than ever to sell photography prints online. Think about it, in the past you would have to produce your photography, manufacture a frame, print the photo with a specialist fabric printer, attach the canvas, sort out the parcel, send for delivery and hope it doesn’t get sent back. Now, with a system as easy as Photo Canvas Dropshipping, you can digitally upload your photography, sell them as your own online store, and let us deal with the rest. You are now the proud owner of an internet shop with minimal (if any) overheads. Don’t believe it can be that easy? This is how easy it can be.

how to sell photo prints online

1. Download Contrado Print on Demand on Shopify

Shopify has made headlines lately with ordinary people making a lot of money from drop-shipping (where you sell items that are being manufactured elsewhere). The site allows you to create your own internet shop and make sales; you can even rank in Google as a professional shop. And who takes care of the manufacturing? That’s where we come in.
You can download ‘Contrado Print on Demand’ for free from your Shopify store and then sync with Photo Canvas. Now, you have access to all the amazing photo canvases (plus another 400+ items) which you can design and add to your store.

2. Create Your Store

Get creative with our canvases and products and add them to your store. TIP: Write excellent product descriptions full of keywords that people will type into Google to search for your product. For example, ‘photo canvas with lake’ ‘city skyline photo canvas’ and add compelling titles. You can now sync your store with Shopify and start making sales.

3. Generate an Income

Once your store is created, customers will be able to visit your store like any other and make purchases. We’ll take of production, delivery and all the legal bits. At Photo Canvas, you get a commission between 20%-40% of the total sale, making it the highest commission on the drop-shipping market. Simply, once the ball is rolling you could be making money in your sleep with your photography.

Get started today with drop-shipping on Photo Canvas and selling your photo prints online.

Photo Ideas

bedroom decor ideas 2021

It’s a new decade and a new you. What better way to embrace the new than by changing up the décor, adding a little feng shui, and livening your bedroom up? Our creative bedroom décor ideas 2021 are extra special because they symbolise the birth of a new chapter. If you’re excited to reimagine your bedroom, read on!

Bedroom Décor Ideas 2021 Edition

Unlike your living room and your kitchen, your bedroom is just about you. It’s a safe space for you to relax and recharge. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, renting a room or owning, your bedroom should be a space made of the things that give you joy. Colours, cushions, wall art. There should be a charge of positivity. And what better way to create a space that represents you than with personalised décor?

Designing your room with products infused with your positive memories is a sure-fire way to make this the best year yet. So let’s take a look at our top selection.

A Canvas to Look Forward

bedroom decor ideas

Uploading a photo or design onto one of our handmade and beautiful photo canvases will bring any room to life. Upload a photo of your friend group, a happy memory or dream location, and let the energy do its work. Our canvases are handmade in the UK and are printed ethically for a green and happy environment. Stylishly create a collection of small canvases, or one XL canvas, and smile every time you enter your room.

Rip Out the Old

decoration ideas for bedroom

Nothing deadens a room more than old, boring and sometimes stained wallpaper. If you want to liven up your room, it’s time to rip out the old paper, and create a new theme. We recommend our bespoke paper, which you can add your own photos, images and text to. Change to a theme that inspires you, or makes you feel warm, and you will feel energised when you wake up.

Summer Vibes

bedroom decoration ideas

Bunting is most often seen at parties, festivals and summer events, but who said bunting is specific to parties? Adding a strip (or more!) of happy hanging bunting can give your bedroom the positive vibes of a festival, keeping you in good spirits. With our bespoke bunting, you can personalise the décor with a photos, images and text for an even more unique room.

Enjoy the start of a new chapter with a new room featuring our bedroom décor ideas. For more inspiration, check out our website.

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how to make money photography

Whether you have a passion for portrait, a finesse for fashion or a knack for nature, you may feel that photography is your calling. However, you may be thinking ‘no one really makes money with photography right?’ Sure, you’ve seen wedding photographers, but (especially in a time like the pandemic) it all seems like a side joint, nothing truly sustainable. Wrong. This article will inform you not only how you can make money from photography but how you can make sustained money from photography, as if it were a wage. Interested? Read on!

How to Make (Sustained) Money from Photography

how to make money with photography

In the words of financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, don’t work for money, make money work for you. There are the standard options of making money. You can build a website or social media page advertising wedding photography. You can set up a small studio and take baby photos. You can sell photos to the press. However, this article will focus on something very few photographers are doing, and how those who are reap in the rewards.

Creating your own online store. Sounds crazy? It shouldn’t.

Most people have an old fashioned idea about monetizing passion. Musicians still look to be signed to a record label, even though 95% of record labels have shut shop since the rise of internet streaming. Similarly, photographers may look to be included in a gallery or exhibition. Once again, this is old fashioned and misses the trick: You can be the shop.

Photo Canvas are launching a new initiative. Upload your photos onto our 400+ products, create a shop with our simple setup guide selling these products, and make money with the sales. That’s consistent money. Why? Because even in the lockdown, internet shopping has thrived. Once you’ve created your shop, uploaded your designs and started the process, it will generate sales even in your sleep.
This means you’re getting the manufacturing of physical products without the costs. In fact, it’s all free. You index on Google as a professional store, and you make between 20%-40% of the total sales.

making money with photography

Your shop can include your brand. So if you are a landscape lover, why not add beautiful landscapes to our canvas range? Or if you’re awesome with animals, why not add animal photos to our puzzles, t-shirts, or duvet covers? We have over 400 products for you to add your photography to.

It’s super easy to setup, and you can rest assured our products are worthy of your photography. We make all our product range by hand in the UK; sustainable and beautifully designed. Start making passive and passion income today!

Create a Shop.

Photo Ideas

How canvas prints are made

From a digital photo to a wall-piece, the process of canvas printing is an art in itself. This article will explain how canvas prints are made from design to decoration.

While many companies take shortcuts to minimise expenditure and maximise profit, at Photo Canvas we make all our canvases by hand. This is due to our value of quality over quantity. It also means that we are very qualified to answer this question.

How are Canvas Prints Made?

How are canvas prints made?

Step 1: Printing & Press

The process begins with you and your image. Once uploaded using our design tool and confirmed, your design is sent to our printers. These are industry-leading printers which print on vast paper reels. Once printed, we send the paper to the press, a worker-operated machine, that uses heat and pressure to print the design onto canvas fabric.

Step 2: Framing

Our team also includes experts framers who create the frames to your specifications. The largest of these include 300cm x 150cm. Once the frame is complete, the canvas is applied using various techniques to the frame. Extra care is taken to ensure there are no creases, and the canvas is applied perfectly from corner to corner. Once the canvas is complete, it passes a final quality check before being sent for delivery.

Now you know what’s involved in creating a canvas print, kickstart the process today by visiting Photo Canvas. Good luck!