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What Is Drop Shipping? And Is It Too Late To Start?

what is drop shipping

What is drop shipping? Is dropshipping dead? If you’ve heard of this magic money maker and are curious to learn more, read on! We are a dropshipping provider with all the stats, metrics and experience to answer your questions. Let’s jump in.

What is Drop Shipping?

In its simplest definition, drop shipping is where you sell products to customers without owning the stock. This means that a 3rd party manufactures the products, ships the product and even takes care of the legal requirements while you take care of the sales. You get a commission, for example 20-40% (if you become a Photo Canvas dropshipper), of the total sale.

Our dropshippers create an online shop (don’t worry it’s easy!) edit our custom products with their own photography or designs, and sell them for profit!

Is Dropshipping Dead?

This is an easy one. No! Dropshipping is not a bubble that is going to burst, in fact, it is a better time than ever to start. This is due to many factors. The e-commerce industry (internet shopping) is booming and the charts keeps going up as the internet takes over retail (street) shopping. Dropshipping has also never been easier to set up, whereas before you had to email providers and even apply to dropship, now you can start dropshipping immediately and for free.

Is Dropshipping Profitable?

This one depends on you! What we can say is that dropshipping has the potential to be extremely profitable. However, this depends on certain factors. Mainly, are you putting work into great product descriptions that sell? Are you using social media and other strategies to promote your shop? Dropshipping provides you with a shop without being the manufacturer or even the shipper, however, you still need to put effort into your marketing. Simply, those who put in the work get the biggest profits.

We don’t need to believe now is the best time to start dropshipping, we have the statistics and metrics to back it up, and they all point to our dropshippers earning more now than ever!

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