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How to Sell Photography Prints Online

sell photo prints online

If you know you can sell photography prints online, you are already way ahead of the market. Most photographers stay at hobby level, or dabble in stock photos or weddings, very few realise you can sell your prints online as a regular income stream. The question is how to sell photography prints online? Any why should you?

Well, both the how and the why are easy to answer. Let’s start with the why. Photography is generally a side-gig. It can be difficult to maintain revenue from it, especially, (in regard to the pandemic) when the world shuts shop. No weddings, no models, and sometimes, no outdoors. Selling your photography prints online can provide you with a recurring and even stable source of income.

How to Sell Photography Prints Online

Once you have a collection of high quality, high definition photos, it is time to take it to the next level. Happily, there are systems already in place to make it easier than ever to sell photography prints online. Think about it, in the past you would have to produce your photography, manufacture a frame, print the photo with a specialist fabric printer, attach the canvas, sort out the parcel, send for delivery and hope it doesn’t get sent back. Now, with a system as easy as Photo Canvas Dropshipping, you can digitally upload your photography, sell them as your own online store, and let us deal with the rest. You are now the proud owner of an internet shop with minimal (if any) overheads. Don’t believe it can be that easy? This is how easy it can be.

how to sell photo prints online

1. Download Contrado Print on Demand on Shopify

Shopify has made headlines lately with ordinary people making a lot of money from drop-shipping (where you sell items that are being manufactured elsewhere). The site allows you to create your own internet shop and make sales; you can even rank in Google as a professional shop. And who takes care of the manufacturing? That’s where we come in.
You can download ‘Contrado Print on Demand’ for free from your Shopify store and then sync with Photo Canvas. Now, you have access to all the amazing photo canvases (plus another 400+ items) which you can design and add to your store.

2. Create Your Store

Get creative with our canvases and products and add them to your store. TIP: Write excellent product descriptions full of keywords that people will type into Google to search for your product. For example, ‘photo canvas with lake’ ‘city skyline photo canvas’ and add compelling titles. You can now sync your store with Shopify and start making sales.

3. Generate an Income

Once your store is created, customers will be able to visit your store like any other and make purchases. We’ll take of production, delivery and all the legal bits. At Photo Canvas, you get a commission between 20%-40% of the total sale, making it the highest commission on the drop-shipping market. Simply, once the ball is rolling you could be making money in your sleep with your photography.

Get started today with drop-shipping on Photo Canvas and selling your photo prints online.

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