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How to Make Money from Photography

how to make money photography

Whether you have a passion for portrait, a finesse for fashion or a knack for nature, you may feel that photography is your calling. However, you may be thinking ‘no one really makes money with photography right?’ Sure, you’ve seen wedding photographers, but (especially in a time like the pandemic) it all seems like a side joint, nothing truly sustainable. Wrong. This article will inform you not only how you can make money from photography but how you can make sustained money from photography, as if it were a wage. Interested? Read on!

How to Make (Sustained) Money from Photography

how to make money with photography

In the words of financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, don’t work for money, make money work for you. There are the standard options of making money. You can build a website or social media page advertising wedding photography. You can set up a small studio and take baby photos. You can sell photos to the press. However, this article will focus on something very few photographers are doing, and how those who are reap in the rewards.

Creating your own online store. Sounds crazy? It shouldn’t.

Most people have an old fashioned idea about monetizing passion. Musicians still look to be signed to a record label, even though 95% of record labels have shut shop since the rise of internet streaming. Similarly, photographers may look to be included in a gallery or exhibition. Once again, this is old fashioned and misses the trick: You can be the shop.

Photo Canvas are launching a new initiative. Upload your photos onto our 400+ products, create a shop with our simple setup guide selling these products, and make money with the sales. That’s consistent money. Why? Because even in the lockdown, internet shopping has thrived. Once you’ve created your shop, uploaded your designs and started the process, it will generate sales even in your sleep.
This means you’re getting the manufacturing of physical products without the costs. In fact, it’s all free. You index on Google as a professional store, and you make between 20%-40% of the total sales.

making money with photography

Your shop can include your brand. So if you are a landscape lover, why not add beautiful landscapes to our canvas range? Or if you’re awesome with animals, why not add animal photos to our puzzles, t-shirts, or duvet covers? We have over 400 products for you to add your photography to.

It’s super easy to setup, and you can rest assured our products are worthy of your photography. We make all our product range by hand in the UK; sustainable and beautifully designed. Start making passive and passion income today!

Create a Shop.

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