Large Canvas Prints

We can print up to 1.5 metres in one direction, and as far as you want the other! Professionally printed and framed in London for Next Day Delivery

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Large Canvas Prints

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Thinking about getting really large canvas prints done? We can print up to 1.5 meters high and as wide as you like, and a large canvas size is really is spectacular. We print canvas on rolls of canvas 160 cm wide and by 5 metres long so we are only limited by that space.

We make large canvas prints for owners of large houses, restaurants, hotels and company HQ's, so if you are on the lookout for a large canvas prints supplier, we can give great print prices, size and quality - fast.


For a quote on a extra-large canvas, just get in touch...


Our Frames For Large Canvases

We spend a lot of time with our carpenters sorting the best type of frame for our canvas. You will find that each bar is laminar, meaning that it is made up of several pieces of wood joined together in layers. They are guaranteed free from leaky knots too. This prevents bowing and distortion over time and is essential for large canvas prints. Plus for larger scale canvasses we use internal brace strengthening bars. And we don't forget the wedges! These are essential for the maintenance of your large canvas prints.


Is Your Image Sufficient Quality For Large Canvas Prints?

You would be surprised about how well our technology can print some really quite low quality files. But, if you are in doubt, simply look at the image on your computer monitor. Does it look sharp or fuzzy? If it does look fuzzy or pixelated if you zoom-in, then we might have problems! But why not try our design system for free professional evaluation.


Big Canvas Prints

These days you might like to make big canvas prints. Make canvas prints large and larger still, for your blank walls. Print big canvas prints for your hallways and staircases. Extra large canvas prints will make all the difference in big rooms and giant spaces.


Canvas Prints Large Production Specialists

Large format canvas prints are not made by many companies. You have to be very well established and capable in order to commit to the size of printing machinery and production of extra  large canvas prints. XL large format canvas prints up to 10 metres custom made. You need trained people to produce the frames required for the tension and you need master framers for the stretching.


Large Photo-Canvas Prints A Joy To View

Imagine your best photo printed in giant scale. A flower, a bee or a child or a cityscape. These monumentally large photo canvas prints will drastically alter the space they are installed in. Make large photo canvas prints in a few days. We make the frames to order and that means a custom finished piece for your special size large canvas prints.


Extra-Large By People Who Care

Super size canvas prints made to order in a matter of days. Large canvas prints are an amazing feature and are an effective way of dressing huge spaces. Make extra large canvas pictures in UK for mainland UK orders.


Please contact us if you would like to know more about our super large canvas.

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