Sublimation Canvas Printing

Dye Sublimation

We use a superior printing process to produce long-lasting and vivid reproductions of your design. Dye sublimation creates superior prints with an even, consistent tone and rich colours. Comparatively, inkjet or giclée printing can often result in a cheap feeling print without the texture and finish of genuine woven canvas. Paired with our high quality craftmanship and excellent materials, this provides you with a professional level print.

About Dye Sublimation Prints

We use dye sublimation for all our products, and the difference in quality is particularly clear in our sublimation prints. This unique printing method fuses the inks to the fabric, allowing them to become part of the material. The dye comes in a liquid ink form which is absorbed by a particular receiving material that has certain characteristics. By using a combination of heat and pressure, the inks are pressed and locked directly into the fibres. This results in a permanent print which is incredibly durable, whilst being rich in colour with an even and continuous tone output.

Dye sublimation prints are renowned for their high quality; unlike inkjet printing, the image isn’t comprised of printing dots and thus creates a much more detailed and sharper image. Typically, inkjet prints are sealed with a shiny plastic coating which detracts from a professional looking print. Contrastingly, sublimation prints result in a sleek, matt finish with a delicate, gallery quality grain texture.

Long-Lasting and Durable

With our superior sublimation printing method, your dye sublimation prints are incredibly robust and scratch proof, with no cracking or peeling over the years. Because the inks penetrate the fibres of the material so deeply, it’s impossible for the ink to be removed through general wear and tear or stretching the canvas. Rather than pressing ink directly into the fabric, inkjet simply layers wet ink on a surface which dries and hardens on top of the product. This means that the ink can peel, flake or run off at any time and isn’t part of the fabric. 

We only use solvent-free and environmentally friendly inks to create your sublimation prints, whilst remaining eco-friendly. To preserve the stunning and vibrant colours of your print, please keep it out of direct sunlight.