Personalised Face Masks (2-4x)

Personalised Face Masks From Photo


Custom Masks With Photos (2 or 4 Pack)

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  • UK delivery: £5.99 UK delivery: £5.99 Western European: £15.50 Other European: £16.50 North America: £16.50 Australia / Japan: £23 Rest Of The World: £23

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With their ever-increasing popularity, face masks have never been more accessible. Now you can not only order personalised face masks designed to protect you in style. Use your favourite family snap, style with a photo of your pet's mouth, get creative with a single pair, or pack of four photo face masks, handmade in breathable fabric. Choose from four sizes with a classic elastic fitting and send face masks to print that are personalised just for you. All of our custom face masks are made latex free, too. 

Each mask is designed separately by clicking on each mask icon on in the design interface.

  • Breathable photo masks
  • Classic elastic fitting
  • Machine washable at 30-60°C
  • Available in four sizes
  • Pack of two or four, handmade to order
  • Made in UK

    Made in UK

    Lovingly made in the UK by our talented artisans here in London, using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials.

  • Ships in 2-3 days

    Ships in 2-3 days

    Production time: Ships in 2-3 days

    Delivery time: 1-3 days, several options available.

    We are fast, and print most products in one day if you order before 12:00pm. Excludes delivery time.

  • UK delivery: £5.99
    • UK delivery: £5.99
    • Western European: £15.50
    • Other European: £16.50
    • North America: £16.50
    • Australia / Japan: £23
    • Rest Of The World: £23
  • Eco-friendly


    Every item is made using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • General Information About Personalised Face Masks

    Create your own custom face masks in a pair or pack of four using your favourite pictures and make a statement. Made from high-quality breathable fabric, each of the photo face masks in the pack is designed individually, so you can change up your look whilst always cycling through, giving you a chance to wash your masks and keep them hygienic. 

    Your personalised face masks can be washed at up to 60° without fading or shrinkage for extra peace of mind. They are designed to last up to 100 washes. Each one is hand made to order with a classic elastic fitting, which hooks over your ears. To bring them back into shape, grab the elastic tightly with one hand, and pull it through with the other hand. Pull the entire elastic, repeat 2-3 times if necessary. All parts of the mask - including the elastic loops are latex free. Made in your choice of four different sizes, they are suitable for the whole family. 

    To decorate all of the masks, you will need to click each mask icon in the design phase and add your designs. Do not leave any of the masks blank.

    Each custom face mask has an arrow indicator on the inside tag which should always face upwards. The tag should always be on the left side of the face. This is to ensure that the higher bridge of the mask fits your nose, while the rounded edge fits your chin. If you prefer your mask without the label, this can easily be cut off.

    Personalised face masks are NOT medical grade masks (which are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an infection preventative measure, i.e. grade FFP2/N95). So please DO NOT purchase custom face masks with the false understanding they will prevent infection from Coronavirus. They are more about protecting others to reduce spread. Due to the personal hygiene nature of the product, your masks are non-returnable. If you'd like to add these to your store you can set your own custom pricing. We print the fabric, cut and sew it, which is ideal for comfortable fitting masks. Minimum order is one pack. Large orders take longer to produce.

    Before placing a large order, we recommend ordering a sample first to get a feel of the print, the quality and the size of the masks.

    Personalised Face Masks From Photo
  • Further Technical Details
    • Dimensions

      Small - 11 cm height - 12 cm elastic at each end, looped
      Medium - 12.5 cm height - 13 cm elastic at each end, looped
      Large - 14 cm height - 14 cm elastic at each end, looped
      Extra Large - 15.5 cm height - 17 cm elastic at each end looped

      If your required size reaches a size boundary, please order a size up

  • Design Tips
    • The Same or Different Design

      If you would like your face masks all to be printed using the same photo, please upload the photo to each mask in the design interface. Alternatively, you can upload a different photo on each of your printed face masks.

    • Face Tool

      Use our new Face Tool feature and create repeating face patterns across your custom face masks for a more light-hearted design. You could personalise your photo face masks with a playful animal mouth or print face masks with the bottom half of your own face to tease strangers.

    • Gift Wrapping

      Our quality photo masks also come with the option to print your own gift wrapping. After you’ve personalised your photo face masks with photos your giftee will love, choose a plain or custom silver tin to store them in.

    • Custom labels

      We carefully stitch white labels onto your printed face masks in-house with your brand or logo. Whether you’re looking for a two or four-pack, our optional labels lend your set of photo masks a sophisticated touch.