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Bring life to your home surfaces with the useful and artsy addition of personalised photo coasters. More than just coffee-stain prevention, these photo coasters are a unique way to expand your home decor. Available in sets from four to twelve and made out of smooth hardwood with a high lustre surface, you can design your own personalised drink coasters to inject an extra shot of style into your tableware.

  • Sets of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12
  • Durable hardwood base
  • High-lustre gloss surface
  • Long-lasting full colour print
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Made in UK

    Made in UK

    Lovingly made in the UK by our talented artisans here in London.

  • Ready same day.

    Ready same day.

    Production time: Ready same day.

    Delivery time: 1-3 days, several options available.

    We are fast, and print most products in one day if you order before 12:00pm. Excludes delivery time.

  • UK delivery: £4.50
    • UK delivery: £4.50
    • Western European: £12
    • Other European: £13
    • North America: £14
    • Australia / Japan: £15
    • Rest Of The World: £16
  • Eco-friendly


    Every item is made using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • General Information About Personalised Photo Coasters

    Protect your surfaces and boost your interiors in one fell swoop with a truly unique set of personalised photo coasters. If you want to create a contemporary vibe throughout the home then don't forget the details. Using your own photography and artwork, you can design your own hardwood photo coasters.

    You may want to match your photo coasters with the rest of your kitchenware or introduce a bold accent of colours into the mix. With a superior printing process using water-based inks, these personalised drink coasters reproduce your bespoke designs with precision and vibrancy. The print is directly penetrated into the surface, so there is no sticky transfers or peeling paper. The surface is high-lustre giving your prints a glossy shine. The hardwood base means your photo coasters will remain in great condition, even after years of use.

    Personalised photo coasters are available in sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. Whichever set you choose, you will be able to design each of the coasters individually, so if you choose to have a different photo on each one, this can be done easily in our simple to use design system.

    personalised photo coasters
  • Further Technical Information
    • Range Of Sets

      You can choose between five packs of photo coasters. The packs contain four, six, eight, ten, or twelve photo coasters, each individually designed by you. You can choose to design them all the same or completely different.

    • Wooden Base

      Unlike regular cork-based coasters, these photo coasters are made from hardwood, making them resilient against everyday wear and tear. They are heat resistant so can handle a range of things from hot coffee mugs to tealight holders.

    • High Lustre Surface

      The surface of your personalised photo coasters is glossy, smooth, and high lustre. This means they reflect the light, highlighting parts of your image in a stylish way.

    • Superior Printing

      Using a high tech process which merges the inks to the surface of the coasters, we can guarantee a smooth, consistent, and impressively vibrant print. All colours are bold and fine details appear with precision.

    • Easy Care

      To keep your coasters clean, you simply need to gently wipe the surface with a damp, soapy cloth. This will ensure your perfect prints stay pristine.

    • 5 Year Guarantee

      All photo coasters come with a 5-year guarantee on print and structure. However, we are confident that with proper care, your coasters will last much longer.

  • Design Tips
    • Choosing A Set

      Personalised drink coasters in sets of four are ideal for simply adding to your own dining and kitchenware. Bigger sets of personalised photo coasters could be designed for companies, cafes, and studios to increase branding and promote your art.

    • Separate Designs

      You upload, edit, and preview each of the personalised drink coasters individually. This is perfect for creating consecutive or contrasting designs. If you want the same design on all, simple click 'copy side', and it'll be repeated across the set.

    • Design Ideas

      Perfect for macro photography, you could print a photo series onto a set of personalised photo coasters, creating a unique canvas for your work. Positioned together or apart, your photos will still look stunning.

    • Adding Text

      Using letters and short phrases could enhance your design. Doing this is easy with the text tool, and you can overlay any image with additional text, perfect for names, places, and even dates.

    • Montage Options

      If you want to design each individual coaster with more than one image, you can use the handy montage option. Remember that the print area is quite small, so we recommend using no more than four images on each one.

  • Special Offers
    • Longevity

      The materials and inks used to create your personalised photo coasters are of extremely high quality. Because of this, we are able to give a 5-year guarantee, but your photo coasters will likely last a lifetime.