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Want to make a collage? It's easy with! Collage design is something we have great experience in. You can make your own automatic montage design in our system that you can see instantly before you buy. Create a photo collage here in seconds it's easy and great fun.

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Make Your Own Photo Montage

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Photo Collage Designs

Create a picture collage of your photos for an impressive display or present. Collage ideas include wedding montage for anniversary present, or students can create a graduation collage of their own. Whatever the theme you can make a great layout and collage of photos to capture the memories.


Montages You Design

  • At Photo-Canvas you can create your own collage design in our system and see it as you create it. There are  other types of montage layout that we can do for you, two of which artworked according to shape, colour and content of images.

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free - with same or different photo collage designs

  • You get a proof on the designer ones. When the layout is finished we will email you a version of the collage to make sure it is fine before we print.  Just choose the size, number of photos and budget that fits. Our montage prints are Mirror Wrap - that means image copied around the sides - but you can choose white sides too.

  • Printed on real canvas and hand stretched on quality frames that don't warp.

  • If you need advice please press the check photo option in our design system. Upload an example and we will tell you if it's ok or not.

Photo Collage With Your Photos

Multiple photos on canvas look special, and our montages are now available with Buy 2 Get 1 Free for same or different photo selections. It's a great idea to print collage of multiple photos when you have too many images to choose from. Show off your montage and get one for someone else too especially with our 3 for 2 offer.

We realise how important each and every individual photo is in composition. Many factors are considered when designing the collage. For example it can be great for small photos that you would otherwise not be able to print. We provide a beautiful finish and montages on canvas never looked better.

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE collage canvas. This is a brilliant way to get multiple photos organised into a montage print. Our designers will create a unique composition providing the best display of your photos on canvas. Buy 2 get 1 free also applies to single image canvas prints as well as collage prints.


Choose your frame size and select the number of photos you want.

Designer Collage Canvas Print Examples:

  • 30x30cm 6 images £41

  • 40x30cm 9 images £59

  • 50x40cm 12 images £79

  • 60x40cm 16 images £95

two photomontage styles

Different Photo Collage Styles

Apart from the DIY option where you can make your own design in our preview system, you have two other ways to have your photos on canvas in a montage or collage print. The first two are "Overlap" and "PhotoFrame". Both of them are laid out by designers and sent to you on email for approval. You select the design type in the order process so remember the name of the type you like best. We make the 'overlap' as the standard or most popular option. Once you approve the proof we print the collage design on canvas. The third type is our Random Scatter. A very attractive display of images scattered and randomly positioned. This is automated and each image has equal weighting and has a layered background of the same images.


Online Montage Making Is Fun!

Make yours online with us by using our online montage service that you control, or have us make a designer photo montage that our designer proofs to you on email before we print.


How To Create A Montage Offline

You can make them yourself and upload the finished photo montage for us to print on canvas. You can create a montage offline using our collage tutorial about how to create one. Alternatively you can make one online with our online service. With Photo-Canvas you have many options.


David Hockney Photo Montage

We can turn one of your photos into a David Hockney inspired masterpiece. Imagine your photo montage David Hockney style. We can do this for you an present you with a highly designed stylised David Hockney style montage.


Wedding Photo Montage

Turn your wedding photos into a wedding montage. It's probably the single most impressive idea to capture the entire day, show off highlights and present the full range of guests and highlights from your wedding. Make a wedding  montage in one of several styles that we offer.


Montage Ideas

Montage your photo in may ways with us. From online photomontage that you design yourself, to designer layouts by our inhouse designers. We have various ways and means for picture montage ideas and welcome any inspirational ideas you want to try too. And we offer buy 2 get 1 Free montage.


Filmstrip Montage

Print your pictures in series with our Filmstrip Montage.

You photos on canvas in a filmstrip treatment.

Visit Filmstrip Montage page




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