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Dye Sublimation

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Dye sublimation prints

Some canvas print makers use different printing techniques, like inkjet printing. This is sometimes cheaper (sometimes not!), but if you want a vibrant durable colour-fast canvas we offer a superb solution with brilliant technology, high grade materials and craftsmanship. The biggest advantage is that the canvas looks and feels like real woven canvas. This would not be the case in inkjet or giclee canvas printers who print on a plastic coated material emulating canvas. We prefer the real thing, as do most people.

About Dye Sublimation (dye-sub)

Dye-sublimation differs greatly from inkjet in many ways; most significantly in quality. Contrado Dye-sub is known for its high quality and continuous tone output. Contrado's Dye Sublimation technology is a totally different printing method. It does not have printing dots like that of inkjet printing; therefore, it provides a much higher photo image quality. Ink jet lays down a layer of wet ink that dries on the surface of the substrate. It hardens and forms a dry layer on top of the canvas. The ink jet layer can chip or crack and scuff. It is surprising therefore that ink jet canvas producers call their finished items Stretch Canvas prints. If you stretch a dry layer of ink, it weakens it. Cracks and scuffs can appear especially at the weaker corners. Dye sub print does not do this as the image is impregnated deep into the fibres of the material.

Practical test! We tested canvas prints through a washing machine. There was no difference in the print and the canvas can still be stretched to perfection afterwards. Tough durable and colourfast. For those wondering why we even tried to wash them you may like to know that we attempt to exceed requirements. We also make many other products that require printed canvas (like rugged holdall bags like those at Paul Smith stores) that you can find at www.bagsoflove.co.uk

Dye-sublimation printing fuses dye into the canvas fibres - they literally become one by chemistry. This dye comes in the form of a liquid ink which is diffused when heat is applied, and is absorbed by a special receiving material which has particular properties - Contrado photo-canvas.

There is no smudging, running, or blotching. Your canvas prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave the print devices. We love it and so will you.

Continuous tone means that all gradations of colour are used when creating an image. For example, when creating a greyscale, a continuous tone printer will show all shades of grey in between the black and the white by actually printing them. A half-toning device such as an ink-jet printer will use a dithering technique of placing dots close together in order to trick the eye. In other words, ink jet printers use a series of black dots placed close to white dots in order to trick the eye into blending the pixels when viewed - it's an optical illusion. With magnification the difference can be seen.

Canvas printing need not be confusing, just leave the technical side to us and enjoy wonderful vibrant colour prints on real woven canvas - the choice for home use.

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