Triptych Canvas Prints

Use a 3 part Triptych Canvas Print to create an attention grabbing panorama, or be creative and use it to tell a photographic story.

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Triptych Canvas Prints

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Making Your Triptych Canvas' Look Great

First think about your image - wide panoramas are easy to imagine as Triptychs. Be aware of where the joins are - you'll usually want to avoid faces, words, or anything that's the focus of the image landing on the joins. Our system gives you a live preview of your canvas and allows you to crop and move your image to get the best result, and we have a team of dedicated design specialists if needed to help get everything looking perfect.


Many cameras now have the ability to take several rapid fire shots for action photography, and a Triptych is a great way to display the results. For example, use a panel to show your son running up to the ball, another for him kicking the ball, and a final one of the goal. Or take several shots of the same event - you could show the beginning, middle and end of a marriage ceremony. One of the real joys of working for Photo Canvas is seeing some of the amazing creative designs our customers come up with, and we can't wait to see what you can create!


As with all our Canvas', we use a professional dye sublimation printing process that gives stunning colour reproduction and a professional matt finish. 

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