Standard Size Canvas Prints

Standard Size Canvas Prints

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Standard quality prints

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Our same day despatch canvas printing service is available for an ever widening range of sizes. The sizes in our price calculator below are are all available for same day dispatch (even 150x200cm!), and with FREE DELIVERY (UK) for excellent quality, speed, and value.

It’s hard to know what size suits your photo so that's why we have created an accurate online preview system. It will provide you with quote for your chosen size and shape. Upload Photo Here To Use This Service.

Prices for canvas prints ready to hang, inc VAT and fixings


We can make very large canvases, if you want up to 5m long canvas prints or other custom sizes, they can take just 2-3 days longer. We are one of a few companies that can deal with canvas prints this large, please contact us to receive a quote.

Our popular canvas prints sizes are available in the table below.

Great value and fast value canvas prints. International delivery is available for EU countries at £15 and Rest of World at £20*, but may increase due to size of pack and destination. All these sizes are ready for UK despatch same day if ordered before 2pm. Order or just play with dimensions to get a quote here. All our canvasses come with free flush to wall hidden fixings.

There is nothing else required; no varnish, no hanging kits, no rush fees, so no more charges apply.


30x30cm (12"x12") £29
40x30cm (12"x16") £39
40x40cm (16"x16") £45
50x30cm (20"x12") £45
50x40cm (20"x16") £55
50x50cm (20"x20") £59
60x30cm (24"x12") £54
60x40cm (24"x16") £59
60x50cm (24"x20") £79
60x60cm (24"x24") £89
70x30cm (28"x12") £63
70x40cm (28"x16") £79
70x50cm (28"x20") £89
70x60cm (28"x24") £93
80x30cm (32"x12") £69
80x40cm (32"x16") £84
80x50cm (32"x20") £95
80x60cm (32"x24") £99
90x30cm (36"x12") £75
90x40cm (36"x16") £93
90x50cm (36"x20") £99
90x60cm (36"x24") £105
100x30cm (40"x12") £79
100x40cm (40"x16") £95
100x50cm (40"x20") £105
100x60cm (40"x24") £110
110x30cm (44"x12") £89
110x40cm (44"x16") £99
110x50cm (44"x20") £109
110x60cm (44"x24") £115
100x100cm (40"x40") £139
150x100cm (60"x40") £206
200x140cm (79"x56") £379
200x150cm (79"x60") £389

Prices include Vat, free fixings set and free UK delivery.All standard canvas print sizes are on 2.5cm deep frames. We always keep these in stock for fast turnaround. Order prior to 2pm and get your canvas the next day (anything above 60x40cm next business day).

Want Different Frame Size For Your Photos On Canvas?

If the size you want is not on this list, we can still make it. Please contact us if the size you want is not in our ordering system. We an make up to 500cm long if you want. We can print large scale but cannot guarantee a stock of certain frame sizes. All this means is that you have to wait a couple more days for your canvas prints while we engineer and construct the frame.

We Make All Our Canvas Prints In-house

This means we have 100% control over quality, and do not rely on third parties to create your canvas print.

Your canvas prints are made only with the best materials and will last a lifetime. Some canvas printing suppliers may use inferior quality frames full of leaky knots, or could print using poor inkjet technology, and some do not include wedges on the reverse of the frame to maintain the stretch canvas.Wedges are essential for preserving the taughtness of your canvas over time. You need 8 wedges, some companies use only 4 which is a trick to make you think they have wedges, but according to the natural laws of the universe you need 8 and no escape. Read more about what makes a Contrado photo canvas such a high quality canvas print.

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