Quality canvas prints


What makes our canvas print outstanding quality

When you consider getting a canvas print there are a few things to take into account.

  • Firstly is the attention to detail provided by our online systems and inhouse studio,

  • Secondly is the canvas print quality,

  • Thirdly the materials and skills used to make the canvas prints into the finished pieces.

  • Fourthly the personal service you receive


Many companies providing canvas prints fail their customers because of their method. They use poor or old solvent inkjet print technique and materials that can allow the canvas to damage easily. Tearing and scratching due to poor canvas material, poor ink jet print quality allowing scuffs to damage the ink surface, loose fitting, cracking print are the usual pitfalls.



You will get perfect likeness in canvas print quality. Long lasting.



You cannot tear or scuff our canvas as its real woven fabric. You cannot scuff our canvas prints as image penetrates deep into yarn. Our print does not crack on edge of frame.

But these things happen on over half the canvasses sold by other companies.


With our quality canvas prints we use the original 'wedge' method so you can maintain a tight stretch of your canvas over the years by tapping the corner wedges if needs be. That is the correct way to keep the canvas print firm! Most companies have removed the wedge from their production to reduce their costs - but that means their canvas print will become floppy over time with no way to tighten it up. No wedges means floppy canvas prints. We keep this important feature on all our canvasses. Wedges are important!

Our service to our customers is simple and straightforward - we listen to you, we follow instructions, we raise concerns, we meet your expectations (in the very least), and we are at the end of the phone.

Improved Stretcher Frames

Great print is one thing - build quality is another. New improvements to our stretcher bar frames means extra depth for your photo canvas at no extra cost. Standard frame depth is 2.5cm (1"), and for the chunkier block look, we have 4.5cm instead of 4cm. Our build and print quality means we offer a lifetime guarantee.

The timber used is laminated pine giving excellent strength and anti-warping properties. The pine timber we use comes from a 'renewable sustainable' farm partner. It's fast growing softwood so does not come from rainforest territories. These new bars are perfectly machined giving an excellent lipped profile to make your canvas become a perfect finished piece. Many companies do not use lipped or even mortised frame stock so beware.

Check for wedges too. Even the wedges are perfectly produced to exacting standards. Wedges are important for the stretch! Many companies try not to use them to cut costs - but we are proud to use them and provide the benefits of being able to maintain the canvas correctly.

We spend a long time sourcing the right components and materials to make quality canvas prints. Other sellers out there are not so careful. When choosing your canvas print supplier, here are some bad practices that you should avoid:

  1. No Wedges. If you want your canvas prints to last, wedges are important.

  2. Sloppy inkjet canvas print and so-called 'Giclee'. These use solvent based toxic chemicals and need a varnish applied to preserve the inks. Varnish equates to unstable inks. It literally means they have to varnish the ink to hold it in position.

  3. Third party outsourcing. We know many of our competitors outsource their production meaning they have no control over handling of your image and quality. They will send your digital files to another party - someone you have no idea about.

  4. Slow poor service. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations, and will give friendly advice over the phone should you have any queries. When you phone us, you will be speaking to the people who actually are involved with the production of your photo canvas, not anonymous call centre staff or a salesman. Plus, if you make your canvas prints order in the morning, there's a good chance you could have it the next day! (on standard print sizes).

  5. Overpricing. There are some companies that will offer you little of the above and still overcharge. We are able to offer amazing canvas prints prices because we make everything in house.

We make everything here in London UK

At a time when companies are outsourcing overseas, and importing things rather than making them, we at Photo canvas are expanding by bringing in talent, and keeping as much as we can under our roof. This has many benefits to you the customer.

Quality canvas prints mean:

  • Fast turnaround. For our standard canvas print sizes we can make and despatch them same day. Want a canvas? It could be yours tomorrow.

  • Quality assurance. Because all our canvas prints are made inhouse, we can quickly and easily remake something if we are unhappy with its quality. Outsourcers would be much more tempted to just despatch it because of all the hassle and time it would take to reprint.

  • More personalised and flexible service. If you phone or email us, you will be talking to someone who is directly involved with the production of your canvas print.

  • Your photos are not released to a third party printer - so your privacy is assured.

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