Advanced Artworking Guidelines

Not a professional? Don't worry. Every canvas print is checked by us first to make sure it'll look great!


 If your not a photoshop wizz, don't worry! We check every order to make sure it'll be ok before we start printing, and will advise on what to do if we receive an image that might look less than stunning before start printing. These guidelines are intended for professional photographers who may want to ensure their work is formatted correctly to ensure their order goes through as quickly as possible.


Resolution for printing on canvas

We print 200dpi and with Dye Sublimation that equates to 3200 dpi output ink jet equivalent on the substrate. A 30x40cm canvas would come out as 2855x3622 pixels. Most of the images we are given are less than that, but PhotoShop does a great job of resizing, and the dye sublimation process and real canvas means that you can get an extraordinary print from even a poor quality image. Do not be duped by companies hammering on about 1400 dpi it can all be rather baffling. We would not be able to win awards if we were not offering something special.


Gallery Wrap or No wrap Canvas Print?

We gallery wrap as standard (unless we can see problems with doing that). If you would like us not to wrap it, that's fine but you must make an explicit instruction when you order. 


File formats for canvas printing

 TIFs can sometimes be very large, and while fine for CD, sometimes it causes problems with uploading a file over the internet. We find that a JPG saved with maximum quality offers very good compression with an unnoticeable drop in quality.


Exact sizing chart

As carpentry for stretcher bar frames in the UK is traditionally in inches, the cm frame measurements need to be converted. We also take into account other variables when applying the inks to the canvas, amount of shrinkage and stretch in the production process. These factors mean that you cannot buy a 30x40cm frame and supply a 30x40cm image without us having to crop it to a degree. The chart below shows the image size you must submit to get an exact reproduction with no cropping.


Your Canvas Order: You supply or meet aspect ratio (at 200dpi):
  Gallery wrapped No Wrap
Size Bands  
x or y axis
  2.5cm deep 4.5cm deep  
30cm 12" 36cm 40cm 31cm
40cm 16" 46 50 41
50cm 20" 57 61 51.5
60cm 24" 67 71 62
70cm 28" 77 81 72.5
80cm 32" 87.5 91 82.5
90cm 36" 97 101 92.5
100cm 40" 107 112 103
110cm 44" 118 121 112.5
120cm 48" 128 132 122.5
140cm 56" 149 152 143
150cm 60" 158 162 154
200cm 79" na 213 204


EG you order a 150 x 50 canvas on a 2.5 cm frame. You would like it gallery wrapped. You should therefore supply an image sized to 158cm x 57 cm at 200dpi.


What You Receive

The dimensions of the finished canvas print you receive are as follows as carpentry for stretcher bar frames in the UK and USA is traditionally in inches


Inches cm equivalent you receive cm
12" 30 30.5
16" 40 40.6
20" 50 50.8
24" 60 61
28" 70 71.1
32" 80 81.3
36" 90 91.5
40" 100 101.6
44" 110 111.8
48" 120 122
56" 140 142.3
60" 150 152.4
79" 200 200
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